Unless you are blessed with a pair of chic eyebrows, you might want to up your brow game and pick one of the brow-enhancing techniques given below:

Brow tinting uses dye to create a fuller effect. It is recommended to find a brow specialist who uses vegetable dyes. Natural options are always better than chemical when it comes to tinting. Tinting is a good option for those who already have pretty good eyebrows but would simply like to amp up the intensity without having to touch up every day. Tinting is also perfect for fixing minor shaping errors. 

You can get extensions for your eyebrows too! The aesthetician uses synthetic hair and individually attaches them to with a skin safe adhesive. This helps create fuller eyebrows. When done correctly, it appears completely natural. The results are truly three dimensional. 

Pencils are a very common and an age old technique for enhancing the shape of your eyebrows. Using an eyebrow pencil is simple, low maintenance and allows users to experiment until they are happy with the shape of their new brows.

Similar to pomade for hair, there are pomades for your eyebrows too! It comes in a smaller tub and you can apply it with a little brush. You can easily alter the shape and size of your eyebrows. 

Finely milled pigments can also be used to deepen the color of your eyebrows. They also add dimension to your eyebrows. These pigments come in various shades and you can use two shades to give an effect to the eyebrows. Power is one of the foolproof ways to amp-up your eyebrows.

Color wand
Color wands are also known as tinted brow gel. They are similar to mascara but for the eyebrows. Color wands are brow boosters and the touch ups are usually effortless and quick.

As the permanent makeup trend catches on, tattooing for enhancing the look of eyebrows is growing in popularity. Be careful though – get a tattoo only when you are absolutely sure!

This technique uses semi permanent pigment that is pushed into the skin using a knife. The pigment used is carefully chosen to imitate the growth of hair that you already have.

Some of these procedures require frequent touch ups and some don’t – you can take advice from an expert aesthetician and decide which procedure is perfect for your eyebrows.

Maryam Collahi is a professional makeup artist and eyebrow specialist based in Vancouver, BC. Feel free to contact us at maryam@maryamcollahi.com

Image Credit: https://goo.gl/PBCj8b