Eyelash extensions are a pretty popular and common concept these days. Lash lift however is a more natural way of getting the same effect without too many gnarly side effects! Although both the techniques result in stunning looks, eyelash lifts are performed with shaped shields and thick cream solutions and is a newer and safer way to perform the service.

Here are a few steps that are followed while performing lash lifts:

• The very first step is to clean your lashes – thoroughly! You cannot have anything on them!
• In the next step a silicone shield is applied to your eyelid. The technician applies the same adhesive to the top of the shield and brushes the natural lashes up to the shield to get a very precise shape. 
• After that, a little bit of lifting cream is applied for 8 – 12 minutes.
• Finally, a setting lotion is applied for about five minutes and some nourishing oil is added. 

The end result – you get those gorgeous eyelashes that you always wanted! It’s quite a relaxing experience and there aren’t any complications involved in the process. The good part is that everything is absolutely 100% natural – unlike extensions. Within a matter of minutes, you get those impressive lashes that appear longer and curled giving your face a dreamy look. 

The entire process is painless, simple and non-invasive. Within a few minutes you can transform the way your face looks! You will continue to look into the mirror and feel good about yourself – ecstatic!

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