Admit it or not, we all have had at least one eyebrow disaster and the shapes and sizes of our eyebrows kept changing each time we used a plucker or tweezers. When an eyebrow disaster strikes, there’s only one thing to think of – what now?  Here’s what you could do in this case:

1. Let your eyebrows grow back completely before shaping or grooming

Do not be let down by an eye brow disaster, because there are ways to fix it! Well, the very first step is to leave your eyebrows alone – at least for some time and let them grow as much as possible. It’s important to stay patient and resistant to the urge to wax, thread or pluck. 

2. Use a fine pencil or powder to fill in the sparse areas

In order to fill out bald spots in eyebrows, you can use a thin pencil or powder. Both of these tools are precise and natural looking. During the summer, powder is a better pick as the skin tends to get moist from the humidity. During winters, a waxy pencil can create the same effect. 

When you are ready to groom again, go to a pro, who will shape your brows without removing too much hair If you have been patient and have let your hair grow again, it’s important to let a professional artist groom it for you. 

3. Step back from the mirror

It’s important to understand that you must stand at least two feet away from the mirror and map the exact path that you need to remove the hair from. You will need to pick the hair that you can see from that far. 

4.  Microblading can be a great option for sparse eyebrows

Microblading is an excellent option for filling in eyebrows. When your brow hairs no longer seem to grow, microblading is a semi permanent way to fill them. The process uses a small blade to deposit colored pigment just under the skin’s surface. The results can last up to a year or even longer. Getting it done from a professional ensures that you get attractive results in the end. 

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