In the world of self-care and wellness, men have been indulging more and more in medspa services to enhance their natural looks or get good, old-fashioned grooming. At Maryam Collahi Medspa we have a complete range of services to help you achieve the best version of yourself in the most understated, yet sophisticated manner.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, these treatments can be a guide to not only pamper yourself, but also surprise a loved one with a unique experience. Let’s dive into it!

Signature facials

Either if it’s Deep Pore Cleansing, HydraDermabrasion or Chemical Peels, booking regular facials can do wonders for the skin. These treatments can be tailored to specific skin concerns minimizing and preventing acne breakout and blackheads, as well as exfoliating and nurturing the skin. For a long-term perspective, gentlemen can benefit from improving their skin texture and address issues such as hyperpigmentation and fine lines reduction, with targeted treatments like peels and laser treatments.

Brows in check

For those seeking to enhance their natural looks, brow shaping should definitely be on your list! From threading, to achieve a polished appearance and remove excess or unruly hair, to partial microblading to correct small imperfections, men can experiment several techniques to elevate their looks and get a more balanced complexion.

These processes can also help to create a subtle lift to the eyes, giving the face a more youthful and alert expression. For men interested in a put-together, yet natural look, brow shaping and threading provide a non-invasive solution that enhances facial symmetry and personal grooming standards.

Laser Hair Removal

For those seeking a more permanent solution to unwanted or excess hair, laser hair removal is a discreet yet effective option. At Maryam Collahi Medspa we offer the Soprano ICE Platinum device that ensures a comfortable experience by combining the absorption and penetration levels of three different wavelengths, achieving a safe and comprehensive hair removal treatment.

Microneedling and PRF for hair restoration

A safe bet for 2024 is enjoying the benefits of microneedling to bid farewell to thinning hair and patchy beards. Beyond a rejuvenating skin care treatment, microneedling can help to revitalize your scalp and promote beard growth. PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) is another option of cutting-edge treatment to stimulate hair follicles and promote natural restoration using plasma from your own blood. When coupled with microneedling, a minimally invasive technique that creates microchannels in the skin, the absorption of PRF is maximized, enhancing its effectiveness.7

Discreet enhancements with injectables

For a refined touch, explore our range of injectable treatments designed to subtly enhance your features. Whether it’s reducing fine lines or enhancing facial contours, our skilled practitioners understand the importance of maintaining a natural appearance. Enjoy the confidence boost without sacrificing authenticity.

At Maryam Collahi Medspa we believe self-care is a journey everyone deserves to embark on. Discover a new range of services and treatments to enhance your natural looks and promote wellness. As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider treating yourself or your loved one to a special experience and embrace the luxury of self-care. Get a gift certificate today.