If you love lash extensions and are looking to get your new set to last as long as possible, this blog post is for you! At Maryam Collahi Medspa, we aim to guide you through the journey of maintaining the health of your natural lashes and keeping your stunning lash extensions in the best shape possible until it’s time for your two-week refill. Let’s start!

First, it’s crucial to understanding that the foundation for stunning lash extensions lies in the health of your natural lashes. Factors such as diet, hydration and sleep can affect your lash health. But there is also some practical tips to add in your routine:

Gentle cleansing: avoid scrubbing your lashes when removing makeup or during your daily hygiene. Use lash-friendly cleansers and tools to aid in the cleansing process.
Remove eye makeup before bed: always remove eye makeup before going to sleep as it can lead to clumps and potential damage to your lashes.
Hydration: prevent dryness and brittleness with hydration throughout the day and specialized serums to keep your lashes nourished.
– Maintain a balanced diet: proper nutrition is essential for the health of your hair, including lashes. Ensure your diet includes vitamins and minerals like biotin, vitamins A, C, and E, which contribute to hair strength and growth.
– Avoid pulling or tugging: refrain from pulling or tugging on your lashes, whether you’re removing makeup or adjusting your lash extensions. This can lead to lash breakage and damage.

When it comes to lash extensions, be mindful to follow the after care instructions to get the most of this amazing beauty technique.

– After you get your lashes done, keep them dry for 24 to 48 hours after the application, so the adhesive can fully bond to your natural lashes. When it comes to cleansing, use an oil-free formula with the help of a soft brush to remove any debris and makeup accumulated throughout the day. On that note, know that oil-based products are a big no-no for lash extensions, as the oil can break down the lash adhesive and lead to premature shedding.

– Use a clean spoolie of lash comb to separate and detangle your lashes daily. Don’t forget to be gentle when combing! This is a crucial step to prevent your lashes from sticking together and to maintain a natural look.

– Protect your lashes during your usual routine. This included sleeping on your back if possible to avoid friction with your pillow, and refraining from harsh water flows directly on your face while showering. Make use of protective masks and shields during your showers, if that’s a possibility to you.

– No tugging, rubbing and pulling allowed for your extensions! This can damage not only the fake lashes, but your natural ones. If your eyes feel itchy, be careful to rub them very gently without applying any pressure to the lashes.

– Don’t wait until the last minute for a refill. The recommendation is to book a maintenance appointment every 2 or 3 weeks to keep the extensions looking full and proper. Knowing when to give your natural lashes a break is equally important, to allow

And finally, get a lash technician you can trust! Not only will the professional be able to guide through the care instructions, but also recommend the best set and style to suit your natural lashes and eye shape, ensuring you’ll be extra happy with the final results. Book your next lash extension appointment at Maryam Collahi Medspa, get to know our lash artist and begin your beauty journey!