If you’re thinking about getting your lash extensions for the first time, get ready to embark on a journey to enhance your natural beauty and redefine your everyday glam.

At Maryam Collahi Medspa, we understand that the lash extension world can be both exciting and intimidating, but we’re here to help you navigate to what to expect from your first appointment. Let’s begin!

Consultation: getting to know the options and the lash technician

Before the magic begins, your lash technician will guide you through the application process, the different types of lashes available and what are your expectations. This is your opportunity to bring references, talk about your desired length, curl, and overall look. Our expert lash artist will also recommend you the best set considering factors such as your eye shape, facial features, and preferences.

Choosing the style: from classic to mega volume

Lash extensions come in different styles, lengths and curls, aiming to get different looks out of it. At Maryam Collahi Medspa we offer six different sets: classic, hybrid, wispy, light volume, volume and mega volume. You can choose between a more natural appearance, to give a little boost to your natural lashes, like you’re using mascara, to a more dramatic, fuller effect. During your consultation, you and your technician will decide on the style that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

The application process: relax, enjoy and be patient!

After deciding on your preferred lash style, the application process begins. It’s time to lie back on a comfortable chair, listen to music, chat with your lash technician or even meditate for a bit while the artist delicately attaches each extension to your natural lashes using a safe and gentle adhesive. Don’t be surprised if you find the process relaxing – many clients even take a quick nap! The process can take up to two hours for a full new set, so it’s essential to be patient during the application to ensure flawless and long-lasting results.

Post-application: after care and maintenance

With your lash extensions in place, pay attention to the aftercare instructions provided by the technician. These guidelines will help you to make your extensions last longer and preserve the health of your natural lashes. Lash extensions typically last 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle. To maintain your glamorous look, we recommend that you schedule regular refill appointments every 2-3 weeks. During these sessions, your technician will add new extensions to replace any that may have naturally shed.

We are excited to guide you through the first steps towards enhancing your natural beauty with lash extensions! Embrace the glamor, relish the pampering, and get ready to flaunt your newfound confidence with stunning lashes that captivate the world. Book your appointment today at Maryam Collahi Medspa and let us bring your lash dreams to life!