Want those nude / natural look which every second Instagram Influencer is flaunting? Freshness on the face like blooming flowers makes us want to be like them. But the fact remains that these nude or no makeup looks are also with some amount of makeup.

Makeup becomes essential to cover up the flaws, so here’s how to achieve a no-makeup through makeup.

Foundation is the first product we use to even the skin tone. In No makeup look, instead of foundation we can for a water gel lotion sunscreen which is light and non-greasy. This makes the skin look refreshing, healthy and hydrated without clogging the pores.

Concealer sticks are a good option to hide those marks and blemishes as they are light. Choosing the one nearer to skin tone gives a natural look.

Curl your eyebrows to give them a shape and apply clear brow gel to give a shine to brows. Applying one coat of mascara to the top lashes gives a definition to the brows.

A tinted lip balm would give some color to your lips without making them look heavy. You can apply a coat of lip gloss if you just want your lips to shine.

Applying cream-based nude eye-shadow would brighten up your face in a natural way.

In our no-makeup look, highlighting the cheekbones with a stick highlighter would be a great option to bring a natural look to the face. Choosing a shade nearer to skin tone would highlight the cheeks in a subtle manner.

Nude cream blush and a dab of translucent powder on the T-Zone would make you all ready to face the world with confidence!

And there we go… ready to rock our No-makeup natural look!

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