Trends keep changing and fashion trends are no exception. 2019 has witnessed some of the best and worst fashion trends. So what are we waiting for? Let us have a recall of the fashion year that was.

Best fashion trends that made news!

Monochrome is the latest fad and jumpsuits, boiler suits in monochrome were seen a lot in 2019. Monochrome ruled both the street fashion as well as the Paris fashion weeks in 2019.

Animal prints also ruled in 2019. Women showcased their bold side by choosing bright colors with leopard prints. Be it short dresses, pants, jumpsuit or coat, women flaunted animal prints with grace.
Bike shorts with blazers were the choice women made for 2019 in New York, London, Paris fashion weeks. This fashion trend, in particular has been a runaway choice of young girls and women in 2019.

Fashion trends which made news for the Wrong Reasons!

Tracksuits and heels was one trend which started in 2019 but did not go well. A bizarrely bright satin tracksuit, paired with matching heels was one of the worst fashion trends which were seen in 2019.
Crocs, as the choice of footwear for high-end fashion statements tried to make news at fashion shows as well as on streets. But these were not successful and can be considered as the worst fashion trend for 2019.

Plastic heels and those too transparent ones hit the news for all the wrong reasons in 2019. But the bizarre trend also did not go down well within the fashion circuit and ended up being one of the worst fashion trends for 2019.

Image Credit: https://bit.ly/3cQ3oIh