For many of us, beauty routines have become a part of parcel of life. It may be a haircut, hair coloring, eyebrow shaping or facial, these routines were always the routines and never got the due importance or limelight – taken for granted by most of us.

With the construct of COVID 19 pandemic, everything has come to a halt and so have these beauty routines. At the beginning of this pandemic, staying safe and stocking the essentials was important. But as time has gone by, other things have started to surface which used to be a part of the routine.

What seemed to be so important like looking perfect, having a perfect body etc. have taken a second seat. Being safe, healthy and staying at home without getting agitated, irritated has become the need of the hour.

With many of us working from home, participating in the video chats to interact with clients, colleagues have become essential. Applying a minimum makeup or a tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm can definitely boost the self-confidence.

At times like the current one, staying grounded is important which otherwise can lead to many calamities at home or at the work environment. Looking presentable with a minimum makeup or no makeup is a choice one has to make during these times. It’s ok to keep aside the makeup and beauty routines if you are comfortable with it. What’s more important is to protect yourself and your family from this unpredictable predator and let the storm pass by, before we all emerge out victorious.

Till then, stay safe, healthy and mindful to discover a beautiful you!

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