COVID-19 seems to have taken the world’s schedule by the storm. Which means, most of us are either working from home, adjusting to how to work from home or are into some kind of social distancing and isolation.

Locked-down and staying indoors getting on your nerves? Not liking this sudden pause? Well, no one actually would like this. But now that we all have been compelled to this forced break, why not try doing all those “Will-do-it-when-I-get-some-free-time”?

Everyone is upto some or the other form of distraction, just to escape from boredom or to quickly fix things which otherwise were always neglected.

Beauty and self-care is one area which has never had enough time. Either one always goes in for some last moment self pampering before an event or an important day, or usually spends weekends doing their usual beauty routine.

How about taking some extra time out, making some special efforts to sort out all those beauty and self-care related issues which you have always ignored, overlooked or struggled with? Here is a quick list to help you list all those activities which you once thought you wanted to do, if time ever permitted you to do.

1. Indulge in some DIY Face-Mask Prep – Indian Mud Clay with healing properties should be the right choice if you do not like those readymade face sheet masks.

2. Scrub your dead skin away – by using chocolate / coffee / apricot / walnut powder as body scrub

3. Pamper you hair with the right care – avoid frequent hair wash – use dry shampoos to make sure the scalp doesn’t produce oil in excess and keep your hair shiny and silky

4. Use hair-packs and gels to recondition your hair and gain that shine and sheen again

5. Nothing soothes the hands and feet like a good manicure and pedicure. Add some colors to the lockdown life by using some bright nail paints to give that feel-good sense.

6. Shape the Eyebrow to make your face look the brightest and not dull with boredom. Shape them carefully for a wrong move could change the entire look of the face.

7. Keep your under-eye protected by nourishing it with fruit extract massages and cucumber treatments.

8. Do not forget Facial Yoga to tone your muscles, keep the skin tight and lend form to the face.

9. Un-clutter your Vanity Bag, for one does not even remember what all lies in there. Some makeup items might have expired which should not be used.

10. Clean your make-up brushes which is as good as buying new make-up items and kits. Unclean brushes hoard a lot of leftover material over it, causing loss of actual make-up shade and infection at times.

11. Use Self –Tanning mousse and serums which will give you the tanned look you had just planned getting it on a vacation this summer!

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