If for a while we sideline the ‘Game of Thrones’, for a normal human summer are more painful. I mean think about the extra efforts one has to put to keep the skin glowing. I’ll here particularly talk about women, as I don’t find many men being so concerned about ‘how they look.’ No offense. 

A famous philosopher once said, “Her skin like the rose petals”. Well, let’s not go deep into the poetic verses and accept that what’s gentle needs special attention. To keep your skin glowing even throughout the summer, we are here to share with you the three ‘awesomest’ tricks that will undoubtedly add to your beauty. 
Let’s have a look:

• Water: Water is the most important nourishment that your skin needs. Never ever let your body run low on water. Water extinguishes the thirst as well as flushes out the poisons and wastes that aggregate in the body. Treat yourself to liquids like organic product juices, green tea, coconut water and others to diminish the warmth level and keep the body cool and hydrated.

• Exfoliation: You can’t solely rely on moisturizer to remove/cure your dead skin. You need to exfoliate your skin regularly. Exfoliations help in removing the dead skin from your face and other parts of the body. You can use a sponge or a massager to scrub-off the dead skin. You can also use the homemade scrub, which can be prepared easily by mixing besan, oatmeal, and milk. 

• Exercise: Keep this in your ‘not to forget’ list. Simple workouts and yoga can be exactly what you need. This will not only help you lose some extra pounds and keep your fresh but will also release toxins and make you feel energetic. The same will come in form of glowing skin. 

Get glowing skin in summer with useful tips by Maryam Collahi, is a Vancouver Makeup Artist based in Yaletown specializing in permanent makeup, eyebrow shaping, threading & bridal makeup.