Trends come and go – year after year, but 2017 will always be remembered as the year of the “BROW”. It was the year that saw maximum trendy brows and enthusiastic bold looks. Well shaped brows are an unbeatable accessory and if done properly, they can transform your daily makeup into something beautiful. These brow trends seem to be a part of 2018 too. 

It’s important to remember that no brows are made alike and slight imperfections can make your face look elegantly natural and give you a more believable look. 

The most requested brow style these days is “the bushy brows”. Well, if you aren’t naturally blessed with bold, beautiful brows, or have fallen prey to over plucking, using loads of product may not be a good option. Well, taking the hint from the trend, almost every beauty counter of every store if fully loaded with products that could give your eyebrows ‘that’ bushy look. There’s so much clutter that it is difficult to distinguish the products that work and those that don’t.  

You can use techniques that could give your brows a more naturally bold and bushy look – microblading. Use techniques that you need not have to pencil in every day. Make the look a little more permanent!

It is a good idea to take advise from an expert brow artist or aesthetician and ensure that you  get that trendy bushy brow look that seems to be so cool these days. 

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