Are you ready to scare away the bad skincare habits this Halloween season? As the leaves fall and the weather changes, your beauty routine demands extra care to keep your skin fresh and healthy. We’ve got the inside scoop on how to avoid mistakes that will haunt you through Fall. Let’s get to it!

Ghosting your aesthetician

Pumpkin spice lattes are seasonal, but your skincare shouldn’t be. Make sure to not skip your regular appointments and communicate with your aesthetician about the best facial treatments to help you recover your skin from summer and navigate through the crisp weather.

Picking at your skin

And speaking of horror stories, let’s not forget skin-picking! It can be a common habit, especially triggered by stress and anxiety, but it might lead to scars or dark marks, which is even scarier than ghost tales. Give your skin a break and keep your moisturizer in hand to prevent flakiness due to dry skin.

Sleeping in your makeup

With the Halloween parties on full throttle you may be tempted to get inside the covers as soon as possible. We get it – the cozy weather also helps! But not taking your makeup off is a mistake that can cost you clogged pores and breakouts. Let your skin breathe overnight and remove all makeup before bed.

Skipping sunscreen on cloudy days

This mistake is a spine-tingling one. Keep protecting your skin even on cloudy days! You can also use Vitamin C serums and moisturizers powered with hyaluronic acid to help to rejuvenate your skin and get rid of dark spots and freckles acquired during summer.

Taking too hot of a shower

And finally, the chilling tale of hot showers. Hot, steamy showers can be irresistible during Fall, but the hot water can damage your skin barrier and strip off its natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky. Prefer lukewarm water, enough for a relaxing time, even during the coldest nights.

Not sure where to start? At Maryam Collahi we offer free skin consultations and several facial treatments to ensure your skin looks great all through the year.