Eyebrows speak a lot about one’s personality, whether it is control, authority or self-confidence. Not very happy with the ways your brows have shaped up? Stop feeling low and all you need is a magic wand to make you look new with new brows this New Year. Take charge of how you look by making your eyebrows look fuller and thicker. Thinking of being your new self this New Year, come visit us at Maryamcollahi Studio for Microblading services that can transform your looks as well as your personality.

If you aren’t sure what and how microblading works – here’s a quick bird’s eye view of the procedure. Microblading is a procedure that is used to draw fine lines by inducing the pigment into the skin. This is done through the use of a hand tool fixed with needles to create strokes which resemble natural looking hair on the eyebrows. The color of the strokes is matched exactly with the natural color of the hair on eyebrows.  So, shed your inhibitions and worries, if you carry, about the eyebrows looking artificial or the need to define eyebrows through pencil on a daily basis. 

The powdered brows are another category that comes under semi-permanent makeup where the eyebrows are made to look perfect. The uniqueness of this technique is the powdered look of the eyebrows with natural dark coloration at the tips and lighter color at the starting of the brows. 

Led by experts at the Maryamcollahi Studio, the microblading technique is the answer to your sparse or disfigured eyebrows by visibly enhancing their aesthetic looks. The procedure takes 2 hours of time and it may take 2 sessions to attain the desired result. It may take 4 weeks for the pigment to settle in the skin and eyebrows to heal. A second session is a touch-up session which follows the first session.

And there’s a little goodie associated here! Our Fall Special offer continues in the New Year too. So, get going, get rolling and do not miss out on your chance to look ravishing this New Year. Book your appointment today!