New Year is round the corner. Of celebrations and parties, gatherings and outings, New Year is all about putting up the best of you! And who doesn’t want to look the best especially when the calendar is about to change and a New Year about to begin? 

Presenting the top-trends of this year which will take you to the next year with all the oomph and ooh-la-la! 

1. Radiant face

Finally, if all is well, but with a dull face, you are not really pulling off yourself well. Get glowing and wear a radiant, bright face as you enjoy the New Year’s evening. First, clean the face with cleansing milk and cover up all the dark spots and blemishes with the right concealer. Apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer on the face to create a perfect base. Make sure the foundation tone is not too different from your skin tone. Now choose a bronzer that is 1 or 2 shades darker than the natural skin tone. Apply the bronzer with a bronzer brush or wide makeup brush. First apply it in the shape of 3, from top of the face to the bottom on both sides, on the apples of the cheek, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin etc. Blend it gently to get a natural radiance. Be careful not to apply too much of bronzer as it can make the face look heavy. 

2. Bright dramatic eyes

Eyes are the most visible features and making them dramatic and bright is the easiest way to dazzle on a New Year‘s evening. Bright winged eyes are the coolest thing to carry bright hot eyes. To get this look, start by applying a primer on the eyelids and around the eyes. Choose bright eye-shadow colors such as red, purple, brown etc. based on the color of your eyeballs and apply to the crease line. You can go for a lighter shade of the same color or gold, silver upwards from the crease. Apply kohl around the eye and extend it into a wing shape on the upper eyelid to create a dramatic look that can make you stand out anywhere.

3. Shimmery Lips

Let your lips do all the talking – literally! Shimmery lips will make you glitter like a star on the New Year evening. First, exfoliate the lips of dead skin and apply lip balm. Leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes to let the lips become moist. Apply lip liner and then fill in with your favorite lip color. Bright shades of lip color such as red, brown, pink etc. would be great for New Year. Take some liquid base on to the make-up brush or cotton swab. Now dip it into your favorite makeup glitter, dab off the extra glitter and press it on the lips gently. Adding 2 to 3 layers of lip color would be great as it can intensify the lip-color and makes you shine like a star.

And here you are ready to look bright and all decked up!