Makeup and beauty care could be overwhelming – unless you know and understand the little things that matter. Whether you are a beginner who struggles with the foundation or someone with experience in applying makeup, here are a few things about beautiful makeup that every woman should know!

1. Never apply foundation or a concealer as a base for your eyelids. It will definitely cause your makeup to crease.
2. Applying foundation with fingers provides sheer coverage and if you want medium to full coverage, use a brush.
3. Even out your skin tone with a bronzer and make sure that you apply it to your neck, face and chest. 
4. When applying blush, make sure that you smile and then start applying on the apple of the cheek. 
5. Always ensure that you apply your eyebrow pencil to the upper portion of your eyebrows to give them the right lift.
6. The lipstick must not be too defined at the top corner of the lift. Apply lipstick carefully and never miss the edges.
7. For eye shadows, make sure that the base shadow does not have any shimmer. It should also match the lightest skin tone. Apply darker shadows and blend them properly as you go towards the end of the eye lids. 
8. Whenever you apply mascara, make sure that you apply it with slow, even strokes. Start at the root of the lash and go towards the tips with slow strokes.’
Finally, make sure that you patiently apply makeup and never hurry through it. After all, doing it all over again is going to be a daunting task!

Maryam Collahi is a professional Vancouver makeup artist and eyebrow specialist. She has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.