One of the most common questions we receive at our medspa is “when is the best time to start getting injectables like Botox and fillers“?

Something we have found in our years of experience is that a patient’s first injection experience is always the toughest. For this reason, most clients will choose to ease into the process by starting with Botox and leaving fillers for down the road.

In regards to when someone should receive Botox, there is no definite answer. Many patients who are in their 20’s are doing what we call preventative Botox, where they experience a low dosage in order to prevent wrinkles and lines from forming. Other patients have chosen to wait a little longer until they develop defined wrinkles.

To determine the best time for you to start Botox, ask yourself the question Dr. Noshad asks all of her new injectable patients “What are you bothered by and what is your goal?” Once you understand what specifically bothers you and what you are trying to achieve with your Botox treatment, then chances are you are ready for injectables.

It is important to have a consultation with a professional and also determine if it is best for you to try facial microneedling or other facial treatments before your botox treatment.

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