What’s a party if it doesn’t involve putting on your best make-up looks, shimmering outfits and bright smiles? While each one of us has our unique make-up USPs and set patterns of make-up routines, holiday and festive season also gives you to chance to change your look, try on the trends of the year and steal the thunder!

Here’s a quick compilation of the easy top trends, which you can try your hands on for this holiday season!

Monochromatic look
Winter isn’t really about colors, right? Unlike fall, where vibrancy is the key, winters tend to give a very monochromatic look. Taking a cue from this, make your make-up speak monochrome. Use similar tones or shades of nude, crimson which complement each other and also blend in as one tone of your dress and makeup.

Metallic eye-shadows
Glitter is in and surely they brighten up the entire look which is what a festive look is all about. Try using metallic copper, bronze, gold etc. as eye-shadow to add sheen and shimmer to your look!

Bright lip shade and eye-shadow
We usually tend to choose one bright shade whether it is lip shade, eye-shadow etc. instead go bold! Choose a bright lip-shade like deep red and a contrasting eye-shadow like green or metallic shades. There you are, bright and enchanting all ready for a loud holiday mood!

Dark eyeliner
Yes, go for the dark eyeliner like bright red, deep wine or green to look unique and bright. Choosing them to match your dress color or in contrast, can get you into a festive spirit.

Mermaid’s eyes
Play with colors especially around eyes to stand out among everyone. Trying bright shades, metallic shades for mermaid eye makeup can add up to your festive look. Classic mermaid eyes also go well with the festive look!

Image source: https://bit.ly/35yi0rR