winter skin tips

Winter is here, but so are unwelcomed guests like dryness, red itchy patches, skin irritation and charred appearance. And eventually the season that we all love the most, becomes the season we all hate the most. But not anymore; burn your worries away to keep your skin glowing, soft and smooth.

Here are handy useful tips and routines, direct from the experts, to make sure, your skin loves the Winter Season as much you do.

1. Having an oil bath
Natural Oils are the best way to retain or regain the lost moisture from the skin. Applying olive oil or any other natural oil like Coconut Oil, and leaving it for hours together, for the skin to absorb it completely is a ritual by followed by women in many countries for healthy skin in winter. Application of oil and a gentle massage improves the blood circulation as well as reduces the dryness.

2. Including salads and fruits in the diet
Inclusion of varieties consisting of items rich in Omega- 3 and 6 fatty acids like Avocado, Papaya, Flax seeds, fish oil etc hydrate the skin from inside and make it healthy. Seasonal fruits are the best way to embrace the season change and keep the skin healthy by flushing out the toxins and for hydrating the skin.

3. Moisturizing the skin frequently
Moisturizing the skin plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin, especially during winter. One major mistake which most do is not to moisturize the skin frequently. A good routine consists to keeping the skin moisturized on regular intervals, keeping the skin hydrated, replenishing the lost moisture and giving the soft smooth look. Choosing good quality moisturizer and applying it regularly can help in avoiding the dryness, itchiness of the skin during winter.

4. Avoiding long hot water baths or showers
Who doesn’t love hot showers on cold wintery days? Long hours in a bathtub filled with steaming hot water certainly can relax our body and makes us feel rejuvenated. But this can make the skin dry and itchy in the long run. Hence instead of a prolonged steaming hot shower, a mildly warm shower for a short duration will not damage the skin and will also fresh you up.

5. Choosing gentle soaps and cleansing lotions
Using soaps or cleansing lotions that are mild and gentle can help in retaining the moisture in the skin which is very much essential in winters.

6. Alter your make-up & skin-care products
Products that you keep handy in summers for your face or skin care will not work in winters. Many toners which work wonders in summer play havoc in winters. Choose your products carefully in winter and prefer to go for oil-based creams and toners instead of alcohol based which have high chances of making your skin dry.

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