It’s always so tempting to grab those tweezers when your brows start getting out of hand. Plucking too much and then you’re back to square one. There isn’t a better time than now to try and grow out your brows so you can come out of lockdown with thicker, fuller brows!

– If you’re wanting to grow out your brows you need to put the tweezers away! You may think tweezing a few won’t matter but it is best to leave them alone for a couple of months.

– You could invest in a brow growth serum or a cheaper alternative would be castor oil (you can get big bottles for less than $10 and it is essential especially after a Brow Lamination service)

– Regularly cleaning your brows gently to remove any build up of makeup and dirt is also important for brow growth.

– The same reason you exfoliate the rest of your face, gently exfoliating the brows will also help remove dead skin. You must be very gentle when doing this.

– Condition your brows! Most of us wouldn’t wash our hair without conditioning. Your brows are the same!

Conditioning your brows will keep them healthy, leaving them nourished and replenished. Especially with Brow Lamination, your brows will have more of a tendency to be on the drier side, it is extremely important you keep your brows conditioned!

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