Have you ever thought about microblading your eyebrows, but you weren’t sure whether or not you should, we’re here to help! Here are some of the many benefits of Microblading.

1. Your eyebrows will always look perfect! No more worrying about your brow makeup rubbing off in rainy Vancouver weather or from that sweaty gym session. They’re completely waterproof, aside from the first 10 days where it’s recommended that you avoid water. Also, if you’re a victim of over tweezing your eyebrows, the right microblading artist will be able to give you your natural brow shape back, which is absolutely worth it.

2. They’re long lasting. After your first microblading session, you should expect to come back into the studio anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks for your initial touch up. After you’ve completed that, you can expect to have your amazing new brows for up to two years.

3. You’ll shorten your “getting ready” time in the morning. Because your brows will already be perfectly sculpted, you can cut some time out of your morning routine, giving you more quality time with your cup of coffee, or puppy! You can probably even catch an extra few minutes of sleep and honestly, who couldn’t use a little more of that? The upfront time spent is around 2 hours in the studio but imagine all the time you’ll save for the next two years!

4. It’ll save you money! Powders, brow pencils and pomades can definitely add up, plus it gives you one more brush to clean. While the upfront cost of microblading may seem a little intimidating, ranging up to $700 dollars depending on the artist. It’s still a worthwhile investment since it does last for up to two years. Plus, you get to save yourself a trip to Sephora!

5. You can choose more than one look. Although microblading provides you with natural hair strokes, there are other techniques which result in slightly different looks. A powder ombre brow is just one example of this. Powder ombre brow gives you a fully shaded brow that’s lighter in the front of the brow and fills in more densely near the middle and tail of the brow. Your healed Powder ombre brow will heal looking soft and misty. Perfect for oily skin types and for those who like the soft makeup look.

These are just a few wonderful benefits to consider professional microblading. If you’re ready to set up an appointment to get the perfectly microbladed brows of your dreams, click here now to book your appointment and make it happen!

Our team of experienced and talented ladies are some of the best microblading artists you will find in Vancouver. To learn more about our microblading prices click here. We hope to see you soon!