Planning a vacation or a long road trip? Want to look your best without / with minimal makeup? There is one solution which can bring a dramatic difference in your face without makeup and that is lash lifting.

Thick, curly eyelashes add to the feminine appeal and yes it is a dream for every lady to have thick, curly eyelashes. False eyelashes are one of the options but they come with a high price and a list of ‘don’t dos’ which are often next to impossible. Using the mechanical curlers may not give the result you wanted!

Lash lift is a semi-permanent solution which can add volume to the eyelashes and make them look naturally curly. Summer is a time when you want to look your best as you like to take road trips, vacations and a lot of adventure trips!

Carrying a makeup kit or applying tons of makeup may not be a feasible option as it can be cumbersome. This does not mean that you cannot look your best. You heard it right, as curly eyelashes gives the effect of a perfect face; you can skip heavy makeup if you choose to have lash lifting done.

Lash lifting is a procedure where a gentle amount of adhesive is applied to help the silicone guard sit on the top of the eyelid and the eyebrow is combed up and made to form the necessary shape and look prominent. This gives a natural curl to the eyelashes and adds volume to the lashes which lasts for an approximate 2 months. Asking for a tint is optional and yes mascara and other eye makeup can be applied after 24 hours of having the lash lift.

No more hassles and thin lashes. All you need is a lift for your lash and your spirits too!

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