Maryam Collahi

Looking beautiful feels great and Maryam Collahi makes many women feel empowered and positive. Maryam Collahi is the founder of Maryam Collahi studio in Vancouver, B.C. She is a renowned makeup artist, hairstylist, a proud mother and a sparkling entrepreneurial owner of Maryam Collahi studio.

Maryam started it with threading classes in 2004 and expanded it into a world-class makeup studio in a short span of time. Teaching makeup is her passion and now she teaches a variety of classes which include microblading, makeup application, lash lifting and a list of world-class aesthetic practices.

Maryam is an expert in makeup application, hair styling etc. and there is no exaggeration in saying that she can transform you into a timeless beauty!

She shares that Amaterasu products are her favorite makeup products and she loves using them as they are long-lasting and give a natural look. She says that liquid eyeliner is her most favourite Amaterasu product as it lasts longer and the application is easy with the brush tip.

Teaching makeup to other passionate students gives a sense of satisfaction to Maryam. She thoroughly enjoys it as this gives a chance to other women to empower themselves and start their own entrepreneurial journey!

Although Maryam is passionate about makeup, she lives her life fully. She enjoys dancing and she says that it relieves her stress.

Life should be lived fully and there is no doubt that Maryam does that and she is an inspiration to many women who wish to transform their passion into a successful career.