Henna Brows

Looking for a solution that provides fuller eyebrows in a natural way with a low budget? Up until now microblading and artificial tinting of eyebrows were solutions for fuller looking eyebrows. While chemical-based tinting may not be suitable for many women, microblogging is comparatively a costly procedure and a permanent solution which is not liked by everyone.

The Henna tint is a service that results in fuller eyebrows as it colours hair and the skin underneath. The Henna Brows lasts anywhere between 4 to 10 days depending upon the maintenance. As henna gives a natural tint all with tattoo effects, it is safe to use by everyone including pregnant women.

The Henna tint can also be applied on hair which is all natural and lasts for almost 4 weeks. Prior consultation is needed for henna brows as the preparations such as brow shaping, brow mapping and clean up are required to make the Henna tint adhere to the brows and skin in a proper manner.

Choosing the right henna tint gives the perfect looking fuller eyebrows you are looking for. Another important thing is to prep up the eyebrows and the skin beneath by giving a proper shape to them and removing the dead skin. The Henna tint can be applied with the help of a cosmetic brush or applicator. If the tint gets applied to wrong areas or goes out of shape, a remover can be used to remove the tint.

As many runway models and tinsel-town actresses are opting fuller eyebrows, Henna Brows have now gained popularity and acceptance. For those wanting to avoid any kind of surgical process or treatment, Henna Brows is the best option – giving you the option to regain your natural brows within weeks.