Permanent makeup has been gaining popularity in the past decade, with the advance of several techniques such as microblading, permanent eyeliner and lash enhancements. Lip Blush is among one of the most adored permanent makeup options for people who are looking to upgrade their makeup routines.

Are you curious about the procedure and think that Lip Blush is the right choice for you? In this blog post we’ll tell you everything you need to know before booking your first appointment and make sure you get the best of this revolutionary technique. Let’s dive into it!

1. Understanding the procedure

Lip Blush is a permanent makeup technique that aims to enhance the natural color of your lips, adding a touch of definition as well, as if you always have your favorite lipstick on. By depositing the pigment on the upper layers of your lips with a professional device, Lip Blush will give you a natural finish and long-lasting result.

2. Choosing a technician
Choosing the right professional is essential for a successful lip blush experience. Take your time to research different professionals in your area, their portfolio and review before and after pictures. At Maryam Collahi Medspa, our artists are certified in permanent makeup and have years of expertise to guarantee you’ll achieve the desired look.

3. Book a consultation
Not sure if you’re a good candidate for lip blush? Schedule a consultation with your chosen technician. This is the perfect time to discuss your expectations, questions and know more about the before and after care.

4. Picking the pigment
This is one of the key decisions to make during the Lip Blush process. The technician can help you select the right pigment to complement your skin tone and desired look, from a natural rosy hue to a bolder pop of color. You can choose among different tones and pigments to determine the perfect shade and shape that aligns with your preferences and facial features.

5. Get ready for it
The procedure should take between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the expected outcome. During the appointment, the technician will define the shape and carefully apply the pigment to your lips in a precise and symmetrical manner. Although some might be hesitant about aesthetic procedures with needles, it is expected the application of a numbing cream prior the start, decreasing the chance of any discomfort during the appointment.

6. Understand the healing process
Taking care of your lips after Lip Blush is crucial to achieve and maintain its results. Immediately after the procedure you should experience some swelling and minor tenderness on the area, and the color will look bolder, but they will gradually heal and lighten over the following days. Trust the process! Make sure to follow the aftercare instructions to help with healing and get long-lasting results, which can include avoiding certain activities such as swimming, sun exposure and applying ointments to aid in the healing.

7. Touch-up sessions
Keep in mind that Lip Blush is a semi-permanent makeup, therefore periodic touch-ups may be required to maintain the desired color and shape. A first touch-up should be done between 4 to 8 weeks after the initial appointment and then every 12-18 months, depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

8. Consider your lifestyle
It is important to consider your daily habits before getting Lip Blush as your routine can influence the durability and maintenance of the procedure. High sun exposure and smoking, for example, can accelerate the fading process and demand more frequent touch-ups and hydration.

Also, to keep up with the healing process, you may need to plan your lip blush appointment accordingly, especially if you lead an active lifestyle or have upcoming special events.

9. Manage expectations
While Lip Blush can enhance the appearance of your lips, adding more definition and color to them, it’s essential to manage your expectations. As with all permanent make-up procedures, results may vary depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle and individual healing process.

10. Fall in love with your new look!
After carefully selecting the technician, pigment, and shape, it’s time to embrace your new look with confidence! Lip blush can bring more definition to your lip shape, giving you a fresh and youthful look. Enjoy your new pout and flaunt it with pride!

With these 10 tips you should be ready to go and book your lip blush. At Maryam Collahi Medspa we offer several permanent makeup procedures done by expert technicians to enhance your natural beauty. Get in touch today to start your Lip Blush journey!