lash lift

Only the blessed have lashes that are perfect in all facets – volume, color, texture, growth direction and the list goes on. For the rest of us, they are just lashes. And we may have nowhere else left to turn to transform these ordinary lashes into something gorgeous – from curlers to mascaras and from growth boosting serums to false lashes.

And just when you thought you’ve tried everything on the menu for lashes, lash lift seems like a God sent gift.

But what about Lash Extensions? Isn’t that a great solution to enhance my lashes?

Lash extensions is a popular service which gives your lashes the desired length and volume. Not to mention your makeup routine will be cut in half.

But what are the downsides to having Lash Extensions? Consider it a financial commitment with high upkeep maintenance. You’ll need to go for your fills every two to three weeks, as the extensions will shed with your natural lash cycle, and those replacements cost another $100, minimum .

Addressing these disadvantages, lash lift promises you better results and with no damage.

Using a chemical solution, this gives your lashes a semi-permanent lift, like perming your lashes. This acts as if you have used a curler to curl them, but with better, longer results.

Essentially lash lift involves lifting or giving your lashes the desired shape, using serums and lotions. Lasting for about 8 weeks, each session of lash lift will cost you less than what lash extensions cost, giving you all the freedom to flaunt your natural lashes.

Every technique, whether extensions or a lash lift, requires professional expertise.

So next time you think of your lashes, why not consider taking a break from lash extensions and book your lash lift at Maryam Collahi Studio! The ladies at Maryam Collahi Studio are trained under experts and industry pioneers.