Maryam Collahi is a professional makeup artist and eyebrow specialist. She has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and has worked with fashion shows, photo shoots, television projects, bridal and special event make-up, instruction, hair, as well as working with various local celebrities. She has an excellent eye for design, colour, composition and shape, along with an inherent talent for recognizing what works best visually for any face.

Being aware of the strong impact that her services can have on a clients’ look and lifestyle, she is committed to providing the highest standards of safety at all times. Maryam Collahi is leading the way by anticipating trends, embracing fresh ideas and keeping pace with our daily modern lifestyle. Her excelent reputation has made her one of the most reliable and sought after sources for beauty.


Become certified in Microblading

Microblading is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry.  Also referred to as 3D/6D Brows, feathering, and microstroking, the technique is an advanced brow embroidery technique whereby a superfine row of needles is used to create thin, hair-like marks on the skin.

This treatment has surged in popularity due to the current desire for full and realistic looking brows, move over thin, over-plucked brows!  It is great for hair loss and lack of definition, overplucked brows, correcting asymmetry, and giving the face a beautiful shape and contour.

The service itself is a fantastic addition to any aesthetician/makeup artist/salon/hairstylist’s repertoire as current pricing for a single service currently ranges from $400 – $600 (1-2 hours), with a per treatment product cost of less than $50!

With technology evolving everyday in the beauty industry to give customers more natural and long lasting results, Microblading is not going anywhere any time soon.

Course Duration: 21 Hours

Next Training

March 1-3, 2020
June 27-29, 2020
September 27-29, 2020


  • Introduction to semi-permanent makeup and the microblading technique
  • Colour theory
  • Determining skin type and tone/undertone
  • Choosing pigments
  • Designing and executing the perfect eyebrow
  • Skin anatomy
  • Consultation and contraindications
  • The full procedure
  • Phases of healing and after-care


  • All steps of the full service (client consultation, patch test, preparing work area, choosing pigments, designing and measuring the eyebrows, using the needles, aftercare, etc).
  • Instructor demonstration

Microblading Kit

  • 6 Disposable Blades
  • Gloves, Gauze, Applicators
  • ZENSA Numbing Cream
  • Pigment Cups, Pigment Rings
  • 1 Tag #45 Numbing Cream
  • 3 Pigments
  • Microblading Pencils
  • 6 Brow Mapping Rulers​

Next Training

March 1-3, 2020
June 27-29, 2020
September 27-29, 2020




$650 Microblading
$200 2 Month Touch Up
$350 6 Month Touch Up
$450 12 Month Touch Up
$550 New Client Touch Up
$150/ Hour Removal
$100 Dermaplaning
$650 Eyeliner
$650 Lip Blush
$200 2 Month Touch Up
$350 6 Month Touch Up
$450 12 Month Touch Up



$45 Brow Threading
$58 ​Brow Threading + Tint
$50 ​Brow + Upper Lip Threading
$60 Facial  Threading
$70 Facial + Brow Threading
$79 Facial + Brow Threading  + Tint
$85 Henna Brows
$85 Lamination Brows
$100 Lamination Brows + Tint



$650 Lip Blush
$200 Touch Up




$700 Eyeliner First Appointment
$200 Touch Up
$250 Lower Lid Eyeliner
$200 Touch Up

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