Is a technique that employs purposely shaped wood pieces to sculpt the body in desired areas, allowing the therapist to move and drain accumulated adipose tissue. This technique is a superior alternative to regular massage for individuals with disproportionate, localized pockets of stubborn fat and cellulite.

Why is wood therapy so great?
It breaks down fat and cellulite so that the lymphatic system can easily eliminate it from the body. The purpose-designed wood tools also promote blood circulation and create smoother skin.

Wood therapy, considered a natural health, holistic type of treatment, was originally used to cleanse the body, boost, stimulate and balance energy, reduce stress, and relieve muscular pains.

● Wood therapy can be performed on the body and face.
● Promotes lymphatic drainage and elimination of adipose tissue
● Sculpts the body and face
● Breakdown cellulite nodes
● Tones and tightens skin
● Reduces “Muffin Top”
● Eliminates “Saddlebags” on the Thighs
● Chiseling the waist area
● Defines arms and legs
● Firms thighs and buttocks
● Stimulates the face muscles of the face for a younger look

By stimulating and clearing the lymph system, we not only remove fat deposits, but also help detox the body and boost the immune system.

Of course, we recommend that our clients adopt a healthy diet and an exercise program, like dance workouts, in order to keep fit and make good use of all the extra energy they’ll discover.