Microblading is a specialized technique in where pigment is applied under your skin to give your eyebrows a perfect look. It’s not applied as deep as permanent makeup, but just enough to beautify your eyebrows and give them a natural look. This especially works for eyebrows that are too sparse or too thin. Well, microblading requires you to take optimum care immediately after the procedure. It requires you to keep them from sun, sweat, this is exactly why winter is the best time to get your eyebrows perfected with microblading!

Here’s why microblading is a good option this fall:

Rain proof – sweat proof – water proof!

Well, it’s true! Fall is the best time to have this procedure done. This is that time of the year when you naturally sweat less, and have less sun exposure. After the full healing process, you’ll be left with rain proof brows all winter long! It is just too easy to maintain your newly done eyebrows. You can easily follow through with all the after care instructions without having to lock yourself up at home while they heal.

Sun exposure

Again – we are emphasizing the fact that winter times are simply good for healing after this procedure. As sun exposure and sun tanning must be totally avoided right after microblading, winters provide you with an ideal weather to heal. 

Winter times are naturally good for microblading, but you will have to follow all the other after care instructions meticulously too in order to have lasting effects. So, no picking, peeling, scratching, driving in open air, swimming … and the list goes on. Rest of it is covered by the weather!