Acne is an issue that affects millions of Americans annually, with up to 50 million people impacted each year. Statistics show us that around 85% of people aged 12-24 are experiencing this common skin condition and by the age of 21, over 90% of men and 80% of women in America will have battled acne at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately, acne doesn’t always end with adolescence; it frequently extends into adulthood, particularly for women. Numbers show that 42.5% of men and 50.9% of women between ages 20-29 still suffer from acne. Among adult women, 82% report that their acne persisted from adolescence, while 18% encounter adult-onset acne.

The good news is, acne treatments keep evolving, and new and advanced laser solutions are arriving in the beauty and skincare industry.

AviClear stands out as a groundbreaking solution. FDA-cleared in March 2022 for treating mild, moderate, and severe inflammatory acne, this revolutionary device has successfully administered over 13,000 treatments to date, underscoring its growing popularity and effectiveness.

How it works

AviClear simplifies acne treatment with a convenient solution that fits into any lifestyle. With just three 30-minute sessions, it delivers durable, long-term results, making it an efficient option for effective acne management.

Suitable for adolescents and adults, AviClear works on all skin types and tones. Its safety and efficacy make it a reliable choice for anyone struggling with acne.

By reducing the need for follow-ups and insurance or pharmacy callbacks, AviClear streamlines care, elevating the standard for both providers and patients. This makes the treatment process smoother and more efficient, benefiting everyone involved.

The science behind AviClear

AviClear uses a 1726nm wavelength, clinically proven to absorb twice as much energy in sebum as in water. This approach targets sebaceous glands, which produce pore-clogging oil, without damaging the surrounding epidermis. Unlike other treatments that destroy sebaceous gland stem cells, AviClear allows recovery similar to isotretinoin but without the severe side effects.

AviClear works well with other acne treatments. Whether combined with topical therapies, combination treatments, or oral isotretinoin, AviClear targets moderate to severe acne to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Want to know more? At Maryam Collahi MedSpa, we are dedicated to offering the most advanced and effective treatments for acne and skin care. With AviClear, we provide our clients with a revolutionary solution that promises long-term relief from acne, empowering them to enjoy clearer, healthier skin. Book a complimentary consultation today to learn more about AviClear and how it can transform your skincare routine.