Like the shape of your face and color of your eyes, each eyebrow is also unique. Some are thin and some are thick some are straight and some are heavily arched. Understanding your natural eyebrows are important and avoiding the most common mistakes are even more important!

Here are some of the top brow mistakes you can avoid:

Removing brow hair using a magnifying mirror

Being able to see every single eyebrow hair is not important. A magnifying glass usually causes over plucking and could lead to bald spots in your eyebrows!

Shaping eyebrows after they are professionally done

Trying to maintain your eyebrows between visits seems like a good idea. However, many are unsure about the amount of hair to be plucked or removed. Over plucking could completely ruin the shape of the eyebrow which is difficult to fix later o. So, don’t try to fix something yourself – get professional help!

Removing too many hair between the brows

Getting rid of the uni-brow effect by yourself might lead to over plucking and could ruin the shape of your brows. Try to hold a pencil vertically across the nose to get an idea of how much you need to pluck. Use it as a guide. 

Now maintaining brows while growing them out

While you wait for over plucked eyebrows to grow, make sure that you use brow makeup to create the desired shape. After they grow, you can get them professionally shaped.

Using the wrong brush with brow products

Having the right tools is of great help. Wrong brushes can lead to unnatural lines.
Filling the brows with too dark pencils

Using too dark pencils could give a harsh look to the eyebrows. Using a dark brown pencil instead of brown gives a much more flattering look to your eyebrows.

Not using brow measurements

Never use guess work when filling your eyebrows – always use measurement. Outline the shape and then fill it carefully. 

Skipping brow gel

The finishing touches are important. They help keep the eye brows in place and give them a groomed appearance. Use the right gel – do not skip this step!

Thinking brows should be identical

Brows are sisters – not twins. So, give them similar shapes don’t worry about identical. Make each brow perfect!

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