Winter is the season of celebration and festive mood and it is the time to look your best! The harsh winter can take a toll on your skin by making it dry and lifeless when neglected and without proper care. You need not hit the panic button right away. Here are some tried, tested and verified ways to say goodbye to chapped skin and flaunt baby soft glowing skin during this winter.

Avoid scrubs

Scrubs are good to exfoliate but they can make the skin flaky and red. So it is better to avoid scrubs during winter. However, if you feel it necessary to exfoliate your skin, appropriate scrubs and nourishment to the skin is important. You could try natural exfoliation using a mixture of olive oil and sugar, which will lend the skin the necessary glow and radiance.

Cleansing is important to retain the glow on the face. The trick here is the ensure cleaning along with moisture retention. Using sponge could damage the skin during winters. Instead you can try using cleansing with milk or an oil-based cleanser to keep the skin soft.

Moisturize your skin

Bathing in winters leaves your skin dry. No amount of moisturizer based shower gel can compensate for the extensive softening and soothing an external moisturizer can lend to your skin. So do not forget to moisturize your skin as soon as you come out of the shower. Using oil-based moisturizers is good if your skin is too dry.

Dry brush your skin

Winter amounts to a lot of dead-skin and dirt accumulation on the face. Dry brushing your face can improve the blood circulation and wipe off the accumulated dirt on the face due to pollution.

Use Serums with natural oils

Use a serum on the face which is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, natural oils such as Calamine along with added sun protection to get a natural glow.

Keep yourself hydrated

Come winters and off you go your water quota. That’s where the damage sets in. Though one argues that with regular water intake in winters, comes the tedious task of visiting the washroom for multiple times, it is vital that the toxins are regularly flushed out. 
Look what you eat! 

A healthy diet can make all the difference to your skin. Fruits and vegetables rich in natural oils, vitamin E and essential nutrients, when consumed directly, or used in the form of masks, scrubs or pastes work wonders. Avocado, oranges and strawberries, carrots and lettuce are magic fruits and vegetables for the skin.