Spring brings with it a lot of wonderful colors and bright sunshine. Getting the perfect spring look is all about adding a pop of bright color to your eyes and lips. It is also important to style your hair appropriately and get that glossy, fantasy wedding ‘look’ that you always dreamed of! While bright colors like apple red and cyan seem to be trendy for makeup, floral accessories are just perfect for your hair this spring!

Bright red lips, glitter and electric blue eyes and false eye lashes – find out the makeup and hair trends for this spring!

Makeup Trends This Spring

Makeup Tip 1: Candy Apple – Snow White’s Apple Red color seems to be the most popular shade of lipstick this spring. It’s better than the regular red and looks awesome when applied with great precision!

Makeup Tip 2: Blue State: Drawing a heavy line of blue and giving your eyelids a perfectly cool look with cyan, give a youthful spring look.

Makeup Tip 3: Bronze – A touch of bronze to the eye lids gives a totally breezy yet elegant look.

Hair Trends This Spring

Hair Tip 1: Tropical Flower Crown – Mini calla lilies, lisianthus, and freesia make a perfectly tropical flower crown and give a pleasantly soothing spring look for your wedding.

Hair Tip 2: Rose Crown – Roses never get out of style. A rose crown with a sweet bay leaves wreath is just perfect for a spring wedding.

Hair Tip 3: White Floral Crowns – White floral crowns go well with the spring look and goes perfectly with all types of white dresses – whether it’s for the bride or for the bride’s maids.

Well, it’s spring time and if you are planning a spring wedding make sure that you plan each detail – including your looks, makeup and accessories. If you are wearing flower accessories, wearing crowns that go with the color of your wedding theme with a mix and blend of lush green leaves gives you a fantasy like effect that you always dreamed of!

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