Permanent makeup is a technique that employs pigmentation of the dermis to produce designs that resemble makeup. It includes enhancing colors of the lips, face or eyelids etc. Permanent makeup is exactly what it says it is – you can go to the gym, dance, run or work all day and in the morning all you makeup is in place!

Here are some of the immediate and long-term results of permanent makeup

Immediate results
Simply put, permanent makeup enhances your features. It renders definition to your eyebrows, eyes and lips. Special colors are used for this purpose. The final look is so much like topically applied cosmetics, that it is difficult to tell. This also depends of the skills of the artist applying the makeup. The design, color value and the amount of pigment used are other major factors. At first, you might feel that the color is too dark, but do not worry, this is only because the color remains in the outermost epidermal layers of the skin. The colors soften over a few days during the healing process. The final result will definitely be a perfectly blended makeup that gives your face a great look all day!

Long term
The color lasts for many years – this generally varies from person to person and there is no specific time that can be defined. The beauty span for permanent makeup is influenced by many factors. Some of these factors are environmental – such as exposure to the sun can cause the color to fade. The amount of color used and the color of the pigment used also matter. They define the length of time the permanent makeup looks its best! Obtaining a natural looking finish is very critical. It also requires touchups when the makeup starts fading. Individual lifestyles are also a contributing factor. If you are in the sun for a long time daily such as gardening or swimming, your makeup fades sooner.

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