What’s great about Microblading is that there is no down time! You will leave the Studio with the brows of your dreams.

Microblading is a semi permanent method of tattooing that creates eyebrows that look simply stunning so that you do not need to fill them in every day. It dramatically reduces the time and effort you put in to look perfect every morning.

Well, does it hurt? Like any other tattooing, some pain may be experienced. The makeup artist will be able to control this pain using topical anesthetic while they work on your brows. A numbing cream is applied prior to the application and this greatly desensitizes the area, making the procedure as good as painless. Most clients feel only a light pressure or scraping thought the procedure and depending on the sensitivity of your skin, some amount of discomfort may be experienced.

Your overall experience throughout the procedure majorly depends upon the experience and expertise of the Microblading artist. Your ability to endure pain plays a major role too!

At Maryam Collahi Studio, you will be asked to fill out a consent form that contains information about what to expect during the procedure. It also contains detailed instructions for aftercare that you can follow to get the best possible results.

Microblading at Maryam Collahi Studio is FUN and exciting! You will be relaxed in the hands of Maryam, one client even brought her baby for a wonderful afternoon at our studio!

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