Long eyelashes that have a natural curl have been a symbol of beauty forever. The fuller they are the
prettier your eyes look. Long, thick and fuller eye lashes do not have to be wishful thinking any more.
You can have those gorgeous, thick and movie-star like lashes too. No more turning those magazine pages and sighing!
EyEnvy is a breakthrough product formulated by dermatologists and ophthalmologists to help improve the length and the density of your natural lashes. It includes amino acids, vitamins and other water binding ingredients that make your hair stronger and you see the results within 4 – 6 weeks!

​EyEnvy can be used by both men and women who:

  • Suffer from prolonged mascara use – Mascara does make your eyelashes look beautiful, but they sometimes contain harmful ingredients that could result in damaged lashes that could break off. This causes them to look sparse especially after prolonged use.
  • Sparse eyebrows – For those that have sparse eyebrows, EyEnvy could help you restore your perfect eyebrows and make them look fuller.
  • Prolonged use of eyelash extensions – Prolonged use of eyelash extensions could damage your natural lashes especially if you rub your eyes often or tug or pull them. EyEnvy could help you grow natural lashes that are thick and pretty.
  • Pre or post menopausal – Menopause is a time that causes hair loss and also affects your eyebrows and eyelashes. EyEnvy can help restore them and make them look pretty!
  • Lash addicts – If you simply love those curls round your eyes and have always dreamed of looking like those stunning pictures in glossy magazines, EyEnvy can help you maintain healthy eyelashes that make your eyes look truly beautiful! 

EyEnvy is sold exclusively in Maryam Collahi Studio, drop in and pick up yours today!