Eyebrows are one feature that can transform the appearance of the face from soft to serious and vice-versa. The brow trends keep changing and 2019 is all about natural-looking brows, feather brows, straight tails etc.

Feathery texture brows

Fullness is what the feathery texture brows exhibit. Start by backcombing the brows using a fibrous brow gel. This gives fullness to the brow and to achieve the feathery texture, you start combing the brow upward towards the temple by applying clear brow gel.

Accentuated brows

Accentuated brows

To accentuate the shape of the eyebrows, gently apply some highlighter to the brow bone and blend it well. This lifts up the brow as the focus will be on the brow arch and brings proper shape to the brow.

Straight brows with a tail point end

Using a brow pencil, draw a straight pointed line from the temple end of the eyebrows till the other end. By lifting the line up at the temple end brow can give an impression of facelift which gives instant freshness to the face.

Natural brows

Natural brows

2019 is the season of natural brows and natural brow look is easy to achieve and maintain. Choose a brow tint that is nearer to your brow color and apply it with gentle strokes to achieve fuller and natural-looking brows.

Round brows

round brows

Bring a soft round shape to the brows by removing the hard edges. Use a brow pencil to bring a round shape to the brows and transform the appearance to soft and pleasing!

Ladies, try any of these brow shapes this season to match up to styles in vogue!

Image source: https://bit.ly/2J95ANZ