Dark, lifted lashes – give an extraordinarily magical, dreamy expression to your eyes. The ‘look’ in your eyes plays an important role when it comes to defining the overall look of your face. Sometimes the eye lashes are too straight and we feel the need to curl them a little and give them a tint of dark shade to bring out the beauty of your eyes. Lash lifts are awesome and transform your looks completely.

Ideally, eye lash extensions were used for this purpose. However, those with very thick, dense lashes do not always cooperate with extensions. Here are a few things to understand how this service works:

  1. To begin with, the procedure starts by sticking a semi circle shaped silicone mold on your lid – backed up against the lash line.
  2. These molds come in three different sizes and each offer a different strength of curl.
  3. A solution is used to brush the lashes over the silicone mold. So, essentially, the lashes are bent back in a curled shape against the mold.
  4. This is allowed to sit for about 15 minutes and then neutralized – and you get perfectly curled – lifted lashes!
  5. Well, some prefer to apply a lash tint to enhance the overall look. It just packs an extra punch of black to the lashes. Sometimes this step can be avoided if the lashes are already dark enough.

Lash lift is pretty low maintenance as compared to extensions. You can even get the lashes wet and wear mascara and even use cleansers and oils!

The good part is that the final results aren’t too dramatic – but for some people it makes the eyes look simply beautiful!

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