​New brow trends are always round the corner. Over the top brow looks has been a trend for quite some time – not really dying soon. 2018 will see this trend on the rise. Well, along with fishtail brows – the latest trend to look out for is “Jewel Brows”!

The artists that have been responsible for popularizing this brow are the glitter geniuses at the Gypsy Shrine. It’s a wearable alternative for those who dare to get the bold and daring look.

Although festive makeup like this is nothing new, it’s a perfect way to get an impressive and bold look. A colorful, bejeweled makeup looks is popular among today’s fashion enthusiasts. Bold eye brows are an interesting way to highlight one of the most celebrated facial features of the last few years.

It’s easy to get these jewels. They are applied with eyelash adhesive and the gems could actually rip out all of your hair when being removed! Now, good luck getting them off.

If you want to try the look out for yourself, it is recommended that you buy a pack of mix and match jewels and glue them to your brows using eyelash adhesive. 

While eyelash adhesive is safe for your eyes and your brows it’s quite strong and will definitely keep your jewels secured in place for longer than you thought. Apply these multi-colored jewels one-by-one to your brows using the larger gems first towards the front of the arch and gradually getting smaller towards the end. You can select the gems according to the color that you feel good in!

Microblading Eyebrows in Vancouver, Maryam Collahi is a Vancouver Makeup Artist based in Yaletown specializing in permanent makeup, eyebrow shaping, threading & bridal makeup.

Image Credit: https://bit.ly/2JhZ3hF