Undone, shabby eyebrows take away your true beauty. The perfectly shaped eyebrow can completely change the look of your face! To accentuate your eyes and give them a neat, presentable and aesthetically pleasing look, eyebrow threading is a great option. There is always a first time for everything, so to begin with, let me tell you that – it’s not as scary as it seems! Once you know what to expect, you can walk in confidently into a studio and walk out feeling like a new woman.

Whether you are looking for eyebrow threading, shaping or colouring, for those first timers, I have put together a ‘What to expect’ list right here:

1. Your eyebrows will be shaped according to your facial type. If you want a high arch or other specific shape, make sure that you talk to the beautician before he/she begins.
2. If your eyebrows have some grey hairs or are lighter than your hair colour, you may choose use tint. This is a semi-permeant dye that enhances the colour of your brows, making them stand out.
3. A skilled beautician can remove those extra hairs that make your look bushy and out of shape, with minimal pain.
4. Since you are going to be working on your eye brows, it is recommended that you do not wear eye makeup at all. The beauticians will wash it away anyways. And if they don’t it will smudge and spread everywhere.
5. The pain is definitely bearable – or there wouldn’t be people undergoing this procedure just shape their eyebrows!
6. You might experience some amount of sneezing – especially if it is your first time.
7. Eye watering is also expected as the skin around your eyes is very sensitive and threading is pulling the hair from its roots.
8. After shaping and trimming your eyebrows to perfection, aloe vera gel or soothing lotin is applied. This gives a cooling effect to the skin and reduces the redness of the skin.

Finally, look into a mirror and see the new YOU – better than ever!

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