Neatly groomed eyebrows with a flattering shape make your face look aesthetically pleasing. There are many ‘do-it-yourself’ tools available to help you shape your eyebrows. If you aren’t skilled enough, you might just end up with unsymmetrical looking arches that look worse than the original! Getting your eyebrows shaped from a professional is hence important. But before you go, here is a list of do’s and don’ts.

After you make an appointment, understand that it will last for about 15 – 20 minutes. The time generally depends upon your eyebrows and the desired shape and how fine you wish to shape it. The eyebrows will last for another 2 – 8 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. The good part of eyebrow threading is that it does not require hair to grow as long as waxing does. This is because the hair is plucked at a follicle level.

Do communicate with the esthetician

It’s important that you communicate with the esthetician about the type of eyebrows you wish. Explain how sharp you want the arch to be or how thick or thin you would like to shape them. You can also bring photos along to show the artist how your eyebrows should be.

Don’t use a razor in between appointments

In between appointments, never use a razor. It simply cuts the hair off the tips. IT does not remove them completely. This makes the hair that’s left over very coarse. It could also lead to in grown hair.

Do keep your touch up appointments

Estheticians generally recommend a touch up appointment before the hair grow too much, and the shape is lost again. It also helps maintain clean and neat eyebrows.

Don’t apply anything on your eyebrows

It’s important that you do not apply any moisturizers, cleansers or makeup right after hair removal. This helps keep bacteria away from the open pores.

Grooming right and looking neat and crisp is possible with shaping and threading those eyebrows. Perfectly symmetrical arches give your face a new and pretty look.

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