eyelashes and brows

1. No water contact
A lash lift takes time to set, so avoid contact with water for a minimum of 24 hours. Use of sauna or swimming pools that are usually filled with chlorinated water may weaken the effect of the perm so it’s good to either avoid or take a shower or wash your face immediately after coming out of the water. A dash of serum, like Brow Immortalle, made specifically for preservation of permanent makeup or balm on the skin and eyebrows after cleaning helps in avoiding dandruff and maintain the integrity of the tattoo. Too much of serum or balm can clog the pores, so be careful not to overuse.

2. Eyebrow and lash cleansing
Sebum is produced in larger quantities comparatively during summer and the excess of oil can lead to a loss of eyelashes and brow-hair. The best tip here is to keep them clean to get rid of the oil, debris and dirt from lashes and brows using a gentle cleanser or oil-free makeup remover, making them look healthy and shiny.

3. Use Oil-free cosmetics
Eyelashes or extensions stay healthy and last longer if you use oil-free cosmetics especially mascara, brow highlighters etc.

4. Extreme heat is not good for the skin, brows or lashes
Avoid exposure to excess sunlight by covering your face when going out in the Sun. Sunglasses can protect your eyes, from excess heat. Make a statement and protect your eyes by rocking those cute designer shades!

5. Avoid waterproof mascara
If you have a lash lift, chances are you won’t need mascara but if you insist, make sure you don’t hit the sheets with the mascara on. Keeping makeup on, especially eye makeup, can make your lashes brittle and can damage them. Use a gentle eye makeup remover to remove that tough waterproof mascara.

6. A touch of SPF 30 on eyebrows is good
Semi-permanent brows can start to fade in color if you expose them to too much sunlight. Applying a minimum SPF 30 on your brows can protect them from the sun’s harsh rays.

7. Keep yourself hydrated and maintain a healthy diet
They say beauty is from the inside – literally. A healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals is good for overall well-being but also for your hair, including your brows. Drinking lots of water can help maintain or enhance your hairs natural glow and shine.

8. Use Lash serums and Brow Growth serums
Nourishing brows and lashes help in making them stronger and shinier. The best way to do so is use a good lash serum and brow growth serum, like Eyenvy. A good lash serum will not only help in conditioning but will also ensure their moisturized and healthy, especially in those hot summer months.

Image source: https://bit.ly/3jySk5P