Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous? The look which hooks every eye and doesn’t allow the attention to be shifted! But, mind you, your make-up can backfire, if your skin is not prepared properly and the techniques applied are faulty. 

Save yourself from make-up malfunction with these easy quick makeup tips. Remember before applying makeup it is important to follow some skincare routines. Procedures such as washing the face with a mild soap, cleansing and toning the face gives a scope for the makeup to last longer.

Here’s how you can let your make-up work wonders. 

#1. After cleansing the face, the first step is to apply foundation which covers the blemishes, tanning etc. and makes it even. Instead of foundation, Skeyndor BB cream can be applied which is light on the skin. The skin looks more natural when the BB cream is applied with a makeup brush. Wetting the brush with water or setting spray will create a creamy finish which looks even more natural and shiny.

#2. Applying bronzer brings that natural glow on the cheeks. If you want to look in with glow, a quick touch up of Sharon BB bronzer is an easy way to do.

#3. An eyebrow gel is another makeup product that adds volume to the brows and gives them shape. Often neglected, this is another quick and easy makeup tip which can make you look gorgeous in no time.

#4. Lip crayons are another makeup essentials that can make you look gorgeous in a jiffy as it can be used as a lip liner as well a lipstick. Applying lip gloss over the lips after applying lip crayons makes your lips glossy.

#5. Another makeup essential to look beautiful in seconds is to apply mascara. Applying brown mascara gives a natural look to the eyebrows and applying eyebrow conditioner is a good way to make them look moist and shiny.

#6. Applying brown eyeliner accentuates the eyes and makes them look sober. The best way to apply eyeliner is to apply to nearer to eyelids.

Ladies, isn’t that quick and handy?