Halloween is a time to show our best of the creative, fun and wacky side of us! Agree! Then let us dive into some Halloween makeup inspo to become one!

Witch face makeup
Witches and Halloween gel together well. Why not try a beautiful witch! The fluorescent green or purple eye-shadow added with a spider web in the corner and a spider hanging from it would look great.

Maleficent Halloween makeup
You just have some 10 to 15 minutes left to get ready for a Halloween party! Here comes the Maleficent Halloween makeup for your rescue. Black smoky eyes with blue waves can make you look elegant as well as unique.

Flying Bats makeup
Looking for some scary makeup, why not try the flying bats over the face and some smoky eyes to get a scary Halloween makeup in a sophisticated way.

Creative flower art Halloween makeup
Want to flaunt your creativity, try a flower around one eye or both the eyes. This makes you look beautiful as well as creative.

Wacky zip Halloween makeup
Zip in the centre of the face with glitter and a zip on the top or bottom of the face makes you look scary but attractive. Try this wacky makeup look for a Halloween party this year to stand out in the crowd.

Leopard face Halloween makeup
Black spots on the yellowish leopard face can be copied to look fierce and apt for the Halloween party.

Try any of these Halloween makeup looks and all you need to do is ask at the party – Trick or Treat?

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2gq0QFx