We women have become more and more aware of how we look and it is essential as it builds up the confidence and makes it easy to sway the world! Well-groomed eyebrows are the key to a youthful look and it feels good to look youthful and groomed up!

There are many techniques such as microblading, tinting, threading etc. which bring a fuller, thicker and groomed look to the eyebrows. But what brow lamination does is it nourishes the eyebrows, straightens the brow’s hair and brings it into one direction. The procedure brings a definition and thicker look to the eyebrows.

The first step in the eyebrow lamination is to find the shape of the face and the hair color of the brow hair. Then there is a process of applying a vegan solution to make the brow hair straight and flexible. The next step is to apply hydrating serum to hydrate the brow hair. After this, comes the crucial part of applying the right tint to the brow hair. The final step is the application of nourishing serum to nourish the brow hair.

All these steps are pain-free as well as help in the growth of brow hair. It is easy to maintain the brows after the lamination procedure. All it takes is to apply some natural oil and regular combing in order to maintain the shape and direction of hair growth.

It is now easy to maintain the brows without the need to define the brows every day with a brow pencil / brow shading palette or undergoing some painful procedures. The effect of brow lamination lasts for a month and it can be done at a reasonable price.

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2vJTHKk