Retinol, it’s easily one of the most (if not the most) talked about skincare ingredients worldwide, and likely one of the most well-researched and well-studied skin benefiting ingredient in the beauty industry.

Starting retinol sooner rather than later is vital because it helps to promote collagen production and increase cell turnover while improving some of the most common skin concerns; such as reducing fine lines, diminishing pigmentation, smoothing texture, reducing blemishes, and more.

Why is autumn the best time to use retinol?
When first introducing a retinol, the best season to start is autumn and winter. The reason being that retinol causes photo sensitivity (which is why we apply it PM), so less sun exposure in winter months makes it the perfect time to begin.

Sensitized skin as a result of retinol?
We strongly recommend discontinuing the use of retinol, accutane, etc. at least 2 weeks prior to booking an eyebrow lamination appointment to avoid sensitized skin.

Brow Lamination is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding There is an elevated sensitivity caused by hormones produced during pregnancy and after/during breastfeeding. This sensitivity can trigger reactions and also produce inconsistent results. Ideally, nursing moms should wait 3 months post breastfeeding.

There are many growth serums on the market with a variety of formulations and ingredients. We cannot offer conclusive advice regarding mixing brow growth serums and brow laminations products. Each individual is encouraged to consult a dermatologist if using a brow growth serum and wanting to move forward with brow lamination. As an alternative, we recommend discontinuing the use of any brow growth serums for six weeks prior to booking a brow lamination appointment.