Applying cosmetics daily with the same accuracy and perfection takes a lot of time. There are eyebrows to be shaped, lipstick, lip liners, eye liners to apply and so much more! Sometimes you just want to wake up to flawless makeup that does not wear off, smudge or fade!
The answer to all your wishes is right here – Permanent Makeup.

Most people think of permanent makeup or tattooed makeup as dark, harsh or unnatural. This is not true! Permanent makeup is a procedure in which pigmented molecules are deposited in the basal layer of the skin using a Micro Needle Dermal Pen. It gives a natural effect to your skin and accentuates the feature you wish to highlight. For example, you could get perfectly shaped lips with permanent makeup and avoid using a lip liner every day. These procedures should not be used as a substitute for topical makeup, but it gives you a good start and enhances your natural looks. Also, you will be completely numb during these procedures and will only feel a slight pinch or pressure!

Here are a few things you can do:

Permanent Eyebrows
This procedure is very similar to Microblading, Feathering, and HD Brows – however it is done using the Micro Needle Pen rather than a hand tool. The Micro Needle Pen is used to create hair like strokes which mimic your natural hairs’ colour and length. Define the shape and thickness of your eyebrows with this procedure that will last you years to come. Permanent Eyebrows are also a good option for those who have sparse eyebrows or have lost facial hair due to chemotherapy etc.

Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent eyeliner can give you that perfect winged or classic bar liner without spending hours in the mirror. This can be done for both top and bottom eye lids. Using the Micro Needle Pen, pigment is placed into the skin according to the shape and colour of your preference. Your Permanent Makeup artist will work with you to find the perfect shape for your eyes.

Reapplying lip liner throughout the day could be tiresome, permanent lipliner or lipstick can ensure that you have you get perfectly looking lips for – ever! This procedure can create perfectly symmetrical, fuller looking lips. Working with your permanent makeup artist, you can pick the perfect shade and shape for your lips giving you long last colour.

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Xox Maryam