The most commonly used beauty product and the one that is most commonly experimented with is the mascara. Highlighting the eyes with the perfect mascara is what every woman wants to do right. It makes you feel beautiful and feel good! Every day you apply a lash curler and black mascara before you leave home. However, these basic lashes take up most of the morning time. For special occasions too, many times we use false lash strips just for that extra volume and length. But no matter how great they look, they are always a pain to apply. 

Lash extensions are also of no great use. They are however more useful than messing around with the mascara. Although they give your eyes a great look, using curlers and mascara does have an ongoing maintenance and expense along with it.

This is exactly why many women today prefer lash lifts. The traditional lash perm method required natural lashes to be wrapped around a sponge rod which can actually make lashes look short with inconsistent curls. Lash Lift is different. 

The process is simple. It begins with a protective pad to cover the under eye and hold down the bottom lashes. Curved silicone pads are glues to the eyelid and the top lashes are lifted and glued to the bump on the pad. When the lashes are lifted and glued to the pad, the perm solution is applied to the roots of the lashes. This solution is a bright red gel so that the artist can see where it is applied. 

This gel is allowed to stay for 10 minutes and you will be given a mask to help you with the terrible smell of the gel. After wiping off the red perm gel, a blue setting gel is applied in the same manner. 

After 10 mins, the setting gel is removed and oil is applied to break down the glue and remove the silicone pads. Finally, the entire area is wiped and thoroughly cleaned before you open your eyes.

Remember to keep your eyes dry for the next 24 hours! Two days later, you will have to return for a simple lash tint process that takes not more than 20 minutes. 

After that you can leave home without fussing around with the curler and mascara – every day!